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A Teacher’s Love
By L. Little

Teachers love their students
Like moms love daughters and sons
They give their entire being
To helping each and every one

No greater love exists
Than that of a teacher for her class
She lovingly pushes and pulls
To make sure each of her students pass

But sometimes the day is long
And sometimes the road is rough
That’s when a teacher “teaches” herself
To find just patience and strength enough

Then one perfect school day,
When it seems she is going unheard
A struggling student says “OH!”
The most beautiful, rewarding word

That’s why teachers love their students
Like moms love daughters and sons
They help their students every day
Become who they are meant to become

2007 - 2008

Page Pal – Pilgrim Girl – 6-1-2016

Celebrate Thanksgiving with this cute little pilgrim girl!  What a cute page pal!

Page Pal – Pilgrim Boy – 6-1-2016

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