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TEACHER NIBBLES – Fried Potatoes – 03-12-2013


Needed:  Glass Microwave Safe Bowl, Potatoes, Knife, Salt, Pepper, Water, Microwave (This Recipe Based On 1100 Watt Microwave – You May Need To Adjust For Your Wattage)

1. Peel Potatoes

2. Slice Potatoes About 1/16″ Thick

3. In Glass Microwave Bowl, Layer Potatoes With Salt & Pepper

4. Pour 1 Cup Of Water In The Bottom Of The Bowl

5. Microwave On High For 30 Minutes

These Potatoes Taste Just Like Fried Potatoes, But Without All The Grease!  And They Are SO Easy!


NOTE:  Teacher Nibbles are quick and easy recipes from Jologriffin to you!  We know that teachers are always on the go and always short on time!  So we hope these recipes make your life a little easier!  If you have a quick and easy recipe you would like for Jologriffin to share on this website, please email your recipe to jologriffin65@aol.com!


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