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TEACHER NIBBLES – Corn On The Cob – 03-18-2013


Needed: Microwave Safe Bowl Or Plate, Corn On The Cob, Paper Towels, Water, Microwave (This Recipe Based On 1100 Watt Microwave – You May Need To Adjust For Your Wattage)

1. Wrap Each Ear Of Corn (With Or Without Leaves) In A Wet Paper Towel.

2. Place Corn In Microwave For Three (3) Minutes Per Ear Of Corn. For Example, Three Ears Of Corn Would Take Nine Minutes To Cook.

3. If You Are Cooking The Corn Ahead Of Time To Eat, You Can Wrap Aluminum Foil Around Each Ear Of Corn To Keep Them Warm!

Corn Is Crunchy And Juicy, Without All The Mess! SO Easy To Make! And Great For Taking Along To A Dinner Party!


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